Hair Confirm Home Hair Testing Kit

Hair Confirm Home Hair Testing Kit



HairConfirm home hair test is the leading hair  testing kit on the market. While traditional urine testing offers 3-5 days of detection, hair testing reliably detects up to 90 days back. Why choose HairConfirm?
  • More accurate than other testing methods
  • Long, 90-day detection window
  • Lab-based analysis in generally 3-9 days
  • 100% confidential
  • Easy hair collection method
  • Detailed results in a secure online portal

Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 2.05 × 4.05 × 6.55 in



Instructions: Home drug testing is not only a powerful drug prevention tool for you but also for your teen. 4 easy steps.

  1.  Collect hair sample.
  2. Prepare sample for mailing
  3. Mail to laboratory using the prepaid shipping label enclosed.
  4. Log on to to obtain your secure online results. Please read enclosed instructions carefully before taking a hair sample.