Toxin Rid At-Home Hair Follicle Test



Toxin Rid home hair test is the leading hair testing kit on the market. While traditional testing offers 3-5 days of detection, hair testing reliably detects up to 90 days.

Why choose Toxin Rid Home Hair Test Kit?

  • More accurate than other testing methods
  • A long, 90-day detection window
  • 100% confidential
  • Easy hair collection method
  • Detailed results in a secure online portal


Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions .01 × 4.05 × 6.55 in


Toxin Rid hair follicle testing kit is a testing kit. Use our hair follicle test in four easy steps:
  • Collect hair samples.
  • Prepare samples for mailing.
  • Mail to the laboratory using the enclosed prepaid shipping label.
  • Please read the enclosed instructions carefully before taking a hair sample.

FAQs on Hair Follicle Tests

How Does Hair Follicle Testing Work?

A hair follicle test uses a hair sample, typically from the hair’s root, to detect metabolites. These substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried into the hair follicle.   Traces of metabolites can then be detected in the hair follicle. This type of test is known for its long detection period, usually up to 90 days, making it a more reliable method.  

Can a hair test be performed on someone with little or no hair?

Yes, a hair test can be conducted even if someone has little or no hair. If the donor does not have head hair or if their hair is less than ½ inch long, a sample can be taken from other locations on the body, such as the chest, underarm, leg, or facial hair.   However, head hair should not be mixed with body hair. In cases where hair is not present in large quantities anywhere on the body, a collector may combine hair from different locations on the body or from various areas of the scalp to complete a single sample or conduct other experiments to accommodate the limitations.