XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink

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Detoxify and cleanse your body with an herbal drink that supports the natural detoxification process. This nutrient-packed formula contains ginseng, which is known for its health benefits.

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Detoxify herbal cleansing drink packed with nutrients helps boost the body’s natural detoxification process. This 20-oz bottle of herbal body cleanse begins working immediately and is strengthened with ginseng, giving your anatomy a fresh start toward a healthier you.


Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


More Detoxify Xxtra Clean Cleansing Drink Details

  • 20-ounce bottle XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink
  • Tropical fruit flavor
  • Complete instructions0.
  • Instructions will vary for each person; a unique plan will be designed for you to maximize the product’s usefulness. Please contact us to discuss the best way to utilize the product for maximum benefits.
Hints and Tips to Detoxify for a Toxin Removal
  • Consuming up to 20 ounces of fluids every two hours is permissible until drinking Detoxify XXtra Clean Cleansing Drink and every two hours afterward.
  • Avoid high-fat or greasy foods before your experiment.
  • Begin drinking a recommended allowance of six 16-ounce glasses of water per day. Water is a catalyst to the body’s natural cleansing process.
  • In addition, on the day of your cleansing deadline, consume only light meals and urinate frequently to flush out toxins.
  • Drinks are for directly supervised situations.